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How your diocese or organisation could grow more trees, with help from the Woodland Trust

Our report, Church Land and the Climate Crisis, recommends three key ways that Church and Christian-owned land could be used to respond to the climate crisis. These are tree growing, peat protection and restoration, and supporting farmers to reduce emissions. We know that many dioceses and Christian landowners are keen to grow more trees, bringing benefits of carbon sequestration, habitat and biodiversity improvement and enhancing the environment for people too.

This video explains how the Diocese of Leeds have worked with the Woodland Trust to identify areas of their glebe land which are suitable for growing trees, and how this has been achieved with very little cost to the diocese. Nick Sellwood from the Woodland Trust shares how ‘this is probably one of the best times in many decades in terms of the funding available from the government in particular for tree planting’.

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Operation Noah at Greenbelt Festival: Church Land and the Climate Crisis Panel

Image of panel event in Hothouse venue

Held on the grounds of Boughton House near Kettering, the Greenbelt Festival is a unique gathering that focuses on faith, arts and activism and which is attended by many friends of Operation Noah. 

This past August bank holiday, Operation Noah ran an information stall alongside Green Christian and Christian Climate Action and we also hosted a Saturday evening panel discussion in the Hot House venue – an amazingly decorated tent that held talks on the climate emergency throughout the weekend. The panel audio is available to download here.

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10 things the Church needs to know about tree growing

Earlier this year, Operation Noah announced an expansion of our Bright Now campaign to encourage the Church of England to manage its land more sustainably, alongside our work on fossil fuel divestment and investment in climate solutions.

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