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Divest-invest: UK’s biggest energy lobby ‘flips’ on renewable energy

In a U-turn from ‘business as usual’, the UK’s biggest energy lobby group has called for a stronger focus on energy efficiency and a greater roll-out of renewables.

It’s a change which bolsters the case for UK churches to ‘divest and invest’ – divest from fossil fuels and invest in clean energy technologies.

The move has attracted the attention of investors and policy experts alike. Nicky Mayey Chief Executive at E3G energy consultancy said it’s ‘a fundamental shift from the old energy business model because it’s not fit for the future’. Read more




The Paris Agreement – what does it really mean?

The Paris Agreement, presented to the world in December last year, caught many people by surprise. In the aftermath of the UN conference the contribution from faith communities and the Church in the run-up to COP 21 has been roundly praised. But what does the agreement really mean and what level of change is needed to keep the world below the 1.5 deg C threshold? Read more




Irrational investment in fossil fuels

Leonard Beighton wonders why Churches haven't divested from fossil fuels already given the financial risks and poor returns.

Operation Noah very rightly concentrates on drawing attention to the reasons from faith and science for promoting disinvestment by the Churches from fossil fuels. But it is arguably surprising that it should be necessary for it to do so. Sophisticated institutional investors – and it is to be hoped that the financial assets of the Churches are looked after by sophisticated people – should already be disinvesting from fossil fuels for financial reasons before the bubble bursts and the market crashes spectacularly when it takes on board the extent of the likely changes in the energy markets over the next decade. Read more