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Churches investing in the clean energy future: case studies

The power of divestment from fossil fuels is two-fold: both in making a statement that it is unethical to profit from climate breakdown and in putting an end to financing fossil fuel companies.

Yet as well as removing finance from the companies causing the climate crisis, it is vital to encourage investment in clean technologies to support renewable energy production and kickstart the transition to a sustainable economy.

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985 institutions and counting: the divestment movement is gaining momentum and giving cause for hope

You could be forgiven for feeling more than a little depressed about climate change at the moment. The latest major UN report on the issue, released earlier this week, calls for ‘rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society’ to meet the challenge. Its warning is stark: humanity has just 12 years left to keep warming below the ‘safe limit’ of 1.5°C.

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Divest your church: new resource for local churches available now!

Does your church have investments in fossil fuel companies? Ever thought about moving your money somewhere that builds the world you want to live in?

A new resource produced by Operation Noah, Divest your church, explains how your local church can divest from fossil fuels and reinvest for a brighter future, as well as supporting the campaign for the national Churches to divest. Read more




Church Divestment and Investment for a Zero-Carbon Economy – skill-up day report

On Saturday 19 November, Operation Noah and Quaker Peace & Social Witness organised a skill-up day for campaigners and church treasurers, entitled ‘Church Divestment and Investment for a Zero-Carbon Economy’, which was attended by 40 people from across the churches. The event offered participants the chance to learn more about the range of alternative investment options available, how to divest and reinvest in practice and campaigning for divestment and reinvestment in their churches. Read more




Investing sustainably: church investors challenged to think differently

On Thursday 6 October, church investors and ethical investment advisors from across the churches attended a conference organised by Operation Noah, The Climate Change Collaboration and Quaker Peace & Social Witness. The event, entitled “Investing sustainably: Protecting financial assets and supporting the transition to a zero-carbon future”, challenged the perceived barriers to scaling up investments in clean energy and other climate solutions. Read more




Fossil free divestment passes $2.6T as Leonardo DiCaprio takes the pledge

Global moves to switch investments from fossil fuels to clean energy received a major boost today, when actor, Hollywood A-lister and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio, announced he and his charitable foundation had committed to disinvest. Read more