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Bright Now: reflecting on the first three months

As we reach the New Year, we are now at the point where the Bright Now campaign has been going for just over three months. (That’s publicly at least – the launch was 20th September. It’s been several years in the planning!)

It seemed like a good time to reflect on what has been a rather whirlwind few months. Read more




The Bright Now launch: faith, money and ethical investment

By Canon Giles Goddard

Giles Goddard and Mark Letcher at the launch of the Bright Now campaign

We officially launched the Bright Now campaign on Friday 20th September. Our speakers were Mark Letcher, Operation Noah’s Vice-Chair, and Canon Giles Goddard. Here is what Giles had to say:

It’s a great privilege to be speaking at this launch. I have huge respect for the work of Operation Noah; it’s felt, sometimes, as though Christians concerned about climate change are voices crying in the wilderness, and the work of Operation Noah has given me confidence and courage as I’ve worked on this. Read more




Why the church must act on climate change – Bright Now!

By Mark Letcher, vice-chair of Operation Noah.

In the time it takes you to read this blog post, just one company, ExxonMobil, will, according to the Economist, have spent £116,000 on developing new reserves of oil and gas around the world.

Spending on such a massive scale illustrates just how serious the fossil fuel sector is about expanding global reserves of oil, gas and coal. And it comes in the full knowledge that the greenhouse gas pollution currently locked up in the existing reserves of fossil fuels already far exceeds the amount which can be released into the atmosphere without leading to catastrophic alterations to the climate system.

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