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Financing a Liveable Future: How Your Faith Can Invest in Climate Action

This Earth Day, Operation Noah and FaithInvest are thrilled to announce the launch of a new video series, “Financing a Liveable Future.” This exciting project empowers faith-based institutions to put their values into action by investing in climate solutions!

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Catholic institutions in major maritime areas divest from fossil fuels

12 Catholic institutions connected to the world’s oceans have announced their commitment to divest from fossil fuels. These include institutions in Panama, the Philippines, Greece and port cities across Europe.

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Award-winning vlogger and URC Youth member releases film calling for divestment

Isaac Harvey, a member of URC Youth and award-winning vlogger who edits videos using his feet, has released a short film urging the United Reformed Church (URC) to divest from fossil fuels.

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Famine in Malawi – why climate change is a problem right now

Extreme weather events in the UK and further afield frequently make the news. Though no single event can be solely attributed to the changes in the climate system from fossil fuel pollution, we know that the frequency and intensity of these is likely to increase in the future as the planet warms.

But as Rev Richard Tucker, Malawi Partnership Officer for the Church of England explains, the altered climate is leading to significant changes to things such as the predictability and definition of the seasons in countries like Malawi. And these are occurring today. Read more




“Well-meaning but somewhat naïve”? Bishop David Atkinson responds to the GWPF on ‘Laudato Si’.

As David Atkinson, former Bishop of Thetford and former Trustee of Operation Noah says, it is not often that two members of the House of Lords suggest that the Pope is ‘well-meaning but somewhat naïve’. However, in their recent briefing paper Bernard Donoughue and Peter Forster, of the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) do just that.

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A Day of Sore Feet and Blessings

Jean Leston reflects on the London Climate March and the world’s biggest day of climate action.

Imagine a tree in the middle of a London park (Victoria Embankment Gardens to be precise), absolutely covered in colourful decorations as though it was Christmas. Only these weren’t baubles but heartfelt pleas, written on labels and tied to the branches, for government to take climate action – for the love of what is most precious to each of us.

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