For us this is about responsibility and hope


by Gordon and Lynne Blair, Operation Noah Ambassadors

We are fortunate enough to work at Lancaster University where we are surrounded by, and work with, major thinkers about climate change and sustainability. The message from them is clear – climate change is very real and is happening right now and we must act quickly and decisively on a global scale to avoid a grim future.

We are also people of faith and, through this faith, we can revel in the beauty of creation and fully appreciate this wondrous gift. Most importantly, our faith brings two key elements – a sense of responsibility and hope.

  • As people of God, we are responsible for the stewardship of our planet. Looking around, it is sadly very unlikely that leadership will be forthcoming from our politicians or captains of industry who are locked into short-term thinking and the promotion of economic growth as their primary performance indicator. People of faith (all faiths) are in a unique position to step in and provide this leadership, and indeed must take on this yoke.
  • When faced with climate change, it is so easy to feel a sense of hopelessness. But faith brings a different perspective. Faith can move mountains. The power of God knows no bounds even when faced by the apparently ‘impossible’.

We are strong supporters of Operation Noah and feel that Bright Now is their most important campaign. In The Burning Question, Mike Berners-Lee (a colleague at Lancaster) along with the Guardian’s Duncan Clark make it clear that we can only burn 25% of the world’s proven reserves of oil, coal and gas, to have a 75% chance of limiting global warming to 2?C (see also the excellent film Do the Math by 350.org). Yet fossil fuel companies actively seek additional sources of fossil fuel, and we continue to consume in increasing measure. This is deeply irresponsible and, if continued, will lead to the worst predictions of climate change coming true.

Photo credit: RawFilm on Unsplash

Disinvestment is a powerful tool and we call on all people of faith to back this campaign, and to act – as individuals to disinvest in fossil fuels, and collectively to call on our faith communities to follow suit. It is time for people of faith all around the world to step into this leadership role, to take crucial steps to avoid catastrophic climate change, and to learn to live simply in God’s creation.

By Gordon and Lynne Blair, Operation Noah Ambassadors

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