The Paris Agreement – what does it really mean?


The Paris Agreement, presented to the world in December last year, caught many people by surprise. In the aftermath of the UN conference the contribution from faith communities and the Church in the run-up to COP 21 has been roundly praised. But what does the agreement really mean and what level of change is needed to keep the world below the 1.5 deg C threshold?

We expect the picture to become clearer over the next few months, in the meantime a filmed talk by Sir David King, given to the International Energy Agency, provides a useful overview of the COP process, the UK’s role in the talks and the implications of meeting, and failing to meet the 2 deg and 1.5 deg C targets.

If you are pushed for time, the main part of the talk starts at 9min:38s.

We will post a summary of David Kings talk on the Operation Noah blog shortly.


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