The Lofoten Declaration: calling for a just end to fossil fuel production


Operation Noah has signed the Lofoten Declaration, a statement that climate leadership requires a managed decline of fossil fuel production.

Up to now, climate action has been based on tackling emissions and cutting energy demand. This is not enough: we need to look at supply as well as demand. This means tackling the fossil fuel infrastructure itself.

We have been campaigning for divestment from fossil fuels for several years and fully support the argument in the Declaration that, along with reducing energy demand and emissions, there is an urgent need for ‘immediate and ambitious action to stop exploration and expansion of fossil fuel projects and to manage the decline of existing production in line with what is necessary to achieve the Paris climate goals’.

Organised by Washington-based Oil Change International, the Declaration is a global call for action, signed by over 370 organisations from 69 countries. It argues that wealthy fossil fuel producers have a moral obligation to take the lead in ending fossil fuel exploitation. Fossil fuel producing countries (and this includes the UK), cannot claim they are showing climate leadership while they continue to exploit fossil fuel reserves rather than planning for a just transition to clean energy.

The Declaration concludes: ‘There are tremendous leadership opportunities for these countries to demonstrate that moving beyond oil, coal, and gas – both demand and production – is not only possible, but can be done while protecting workers, communities, and economies.’

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