Exciting news on Quaker divestment


We’ve just heard that Quakers in Britain are calling for divestment from fossil fuels because it is incompatible with their commitment to become a low-carbon community. This was agreed by Quaker representatives yesterday (5th October) and the final decision will be made by their Trustees when they meet on 18 October. (Update: on 8th October, the decision was taken by their Investment Committee, under responsibilities devolved by the Trustees. They are officially going ahead, and the Trustees are to review their entire investment policy.)

We’re very excited to see them taking the moral leadership on this vital issue and we want to congratulate them.

It’s a great boost for the Bright Now campaign, coming just weeks after our launch. We’d love to take some credit for this, but we know that this kind of decision is not taken lightly, or quickly. However, we do know that the Quakers have been aware of our campaign during the planning period and the run-up to the launch, and that the process leading to their decision was informed by our campaign.

Photo credit:  Tijana Drndarski on Unsplash

The important thing, though, is to see the Quakers leading by example. Let’s hope the other Churches are watching!

Our press statement in response to the news.

Quaker press release (6th October).

Follow-up Quaker press release (8th October).

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