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Building the will for action

'At this moment in history, we have catapulted ourselves to a crossroads of two possible paths for mankind. The direction we take cannot result from inertia but rather intentional choice. This choice will be informed by our technology, our financial systems and our policy, but it must also be indisputably steered by the overarching moral compass innate to all of us.' Christiana Figueres

The queue, snaking its way outside St Paul’s at 5.30pm on Wednesday last week, reminded me of other similar occasions, often at opportune moments in time. Over 1000 people turned up to listen to Christiana Figueres, the Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. The evening was chaired very effectively by retired Bishop James Jones. Read more




Why divestment from coal is essential to unlocking climate change

A common reaction to proposals to cut pollution from fossil fuels is that doing so is too complicated and too difficult. In effect, there is nothing we can do that will make a difference.

The numbers tell a different story. The pollution that is modifying the atmosphere, oceans and climate comes mainly from burning fossil fuels. And a large chunk of this is from burning coal. As I write, 35.29% of the electricity powering my laptop is being generated by coal-fired power stations in the UK.  Read more




Co-operation for a new world

Reflections on this year's Dimbleby lecture given by the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund.

I know almost nothing about the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and although I had heard of Christine Lagarde I might well have been hard pressed to name her as their managing director. However, on Tuesday 4 February I found myself watching the broadcast from London’s Guildhall of this year’s Richard Dimbleby Lecture, with the title ‘A New Multilateralism for the 21st Century’, and was impressed by what she said. Read more




Facing up to stealth denial

‘To know and not to act, is not to know.’

Wang Yang-ming (Neo-Confucian philosopher, 1472 –1529)

How consistent are we in aligning what we think with how we act? I know this second mug of coffee may keep me awake tonight, but I squash that knowledge and slurp away. I know my cheesecake is full of fat – I stirred in the cheese – but I still help myself to another slice. My own tiredness and body mass is my own problem. But what about collective denial, when the result could be global disaster? Read more




The most urgent moral issue facing humanity

Bishop David Atkinson reflects on the messages from the Fossil Free Tour.

Speaker panel at the Fossil Free Tour (Operation Noah board member Sunniva Taylor on the right).

A call for disinvestment from fossil fuels! Nearly 1000 people, including many students and many from Christian churches, filled the Troxy cinema in Limehouse, London, on Friday 1st November for the concluding session of the ‘Fossil Free’ Europe tour, featuring American environmentalist Bill McKibben. Another 5000 people watched live screenings in 39 countries. I was there, along with other members of the Operation Noah Board, to see the culmination of months of planning from Operation Noah’s Bright Now team along with our partners and People & Planet.

Read more




By divesting, the Churches of the UK can have a real impact

by Nicky Bull, Operation Noah Board member

I see Operation Noah’s Bright Now campaign on church disinvestment from fossil fuels as an important wake-up call to the Churches in the UK, encouraging them to think again about the issues surrounding climate change and to put their capital where their gospel is!

I got on board with faith-based environmentalism through a deep-seated abhorrence of waste: the littering of the landscape with supermarket carrier bags; the feeding of too many animals with crops that could be feeding the starving; and the apparent ease with which those in the global North throw away food and possessions when they have simply had enough of them and want something new. Read more