Why I support church disinvestment

The Bright Now campaign has support from Christians across denominations. Here’s what some of them have to say about our launch in 2013.

‘Bright Now is a dream campaign. It is perfectly poised to exert leverage in the moral argument for a future free of fossil fuels. It calls on the church to exert moral authority by earning it – through deeds not words.’
Paul Bodenham, Operation Noah founder (Roman Catholic)

‘I have worked in a Cathedral and in several dioceses, and know how very important the Church’s invested money is for the Church’s national mission. But the question becomes: is investment in fossil fuels in the same sort of category as unethical investments in tobacco, weapons, pornography? The Bright Now campaign has convinced me that it is.’
Bishop David Atkinson, Operation Noah Board (Anglican)

‘The UK’s reliance on fossil fuels is not sustainable. Disinvestment is a crucial part of the struggle to refocus our economy.  The churches must take Operation’s Noah’s call seriously if we are to combat the risk of catastrophic climate change.’
Canon Giles Goddard, Operation Noah supporter (Anglican)

‘Each of the Christian denominations in this country has publicly committed to tackling climate change and preventing catastrophic changes to the climate system on which all life depends. Yet these same institutions hold many millions of pounds worth of investments in oil, gas, and coal companies.’
Mark Letcher, Operation Noah Vice-Chair (Anglican)

‘The scientific evidence that we humans are causing climate change is pretty overwhelming. So the Churches need to do all that they can to change attitudes, encouraging switching from fossil fuels to renewables and taking measures to cut the need for energy. It would be a great signal if the Churches took the lead by changing their investments accordingly.’
Leonard Beighton, Operation Noah Board (Anglican)

‘I believe that by disinvesting from fossil-fuel companies the Churches of the UK can have a real impact – just as they did when they supported the Jubilee 2000 and Make Poverty History campaigns – and that not only will widespread disinvestment encourage the large fossil-fuel corporations to review their strategies for fuelling a low-carbon future but the public will see the Churches standing by their Christian principles and demonstrating love for their neighbours.’
Nicky Bull, Operation Noah Board (Baptist)

‘To reduce global emissions, we have been told that at least half, if not 4/5ths of the known fossil fuel reserves must be left in the ground. So the sooner the churches disinvest in fossil fuel companies the better.’
Reggie Norton, Operation Noah Board (Roman Catholic)

‘Is financing the exploration and mining for fossil fuels a good use of the church’s money? We have enough known reserves of fossil fuels to wreck between three and five planets. The churches must disinvest from fossil fuels. And they need to do it quickly enough to lead the rest of society to do it too.’
Ruth Jarman, Operation Noah Board (Anglican)

‘We are strong supporters of Operation Noah and feel that Bright Now is their most important campaign. Disinvestment  is a powerful tool. It is time for people of faith all around the world to step into a leadership role, to take crucial steps to avoid catastrophic climate change, and to learn to live simply in God’s creation.’
Gordon and Lynne Blair, Operation Noah Board Ambassadors (Methodist)

‘For me this is about the Christian commitment to care. It requires the churches in their corporate life to tackle root causes. Church leadership must declare publicly why disinvestment is a necessary response to avert suffering on a huge scale and to drive home to politicians and business leaders that economic activity cannot thrive if the ecology on which it depends is destroyed.’
Ruth and Martin Conway, Operation Noah supporters, Anglican

‘Churchgoers needs to wake up to the importance of climate change and climate justice. It’s not just an issue for environmentalists – it’s a social justice issue just as much as payday loan companies. There have, rightly, been questions about the Church of England’s investments in some areas but these are tiny compared to the amount they have invested in fossil fuel companies.’
Penny Dakin Kiley, Operation Noah Board (Methodist)

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