General Synod to debate the climate!


Great News: climate change is on the agenda at the Church of England General Synod on 12th February.

The purpose of the debate is to challenge the Church to take urgent action on climate change in all areas, including political pressure, disinvestment / reinvestment, adaptation, consumption, poverty and international development. This is the first step in encouraging the Church of England to engage more fully in tackling climate change and the hope is that it will lead to further debates, specifically concerning fossil fuel disinvestment.

Operation Noah is suggesting that Anglicans write to their Diocesan General Synod representatives, encouraging them to speak in favour of the motion that will be presented by Canon Giles Goddard from Southwark.

If you’d like to raise awareness on this in your diocese, you can find your diocese website on this map which will have contact details for your General Synod representatives.

There is a sample letter here, but the important points to make are:

  1. You are really pleased that Synod is giving time to this critical, urgent and moral issue.
  2. You would like to ask your Synod representative to speak and vote for the motion.
  3. The text of the motion can be found here: http://www.churchofengland.org/about-us/structure/general-synod/agendas-and-papers/february-2014-group-of-sessions.aspx; it will be debated on the morning of 12th February.
  4. After the debate your representative is warmly invited to the fringe meeting, organised by Christian Aid, and at which someone from Operation Noah will be speaking.
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