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Church Divestment and Investment for a Zero-Carbon Economy – skill-up day report

On Saturday 19 November, Operation Noah and Quaker Peace & Social Witness organised a skill-up day for campaigners and church treasurers, entitled ‘Church Divestment and Investment for a Zero-Carbon Economy’, which was attended by 40 people from across the churches. The event offered participants the chance to learn more about the range of alternative investment options available, how to divest and reinvest in practice and campaigning for divestment and reinvestment in their churches. Read more




Exciting news on Quaker disinvestment

We’ve just heard that Quakers in Britain are calling for divestment from fossil fuels because it is incompatible with their commitment to become a low-carbon community. This was agreed by Quaker representatives yesterday (5th October) and the final decision will be made by their Trustees when they meet on 18 October. (Update: on 8th October, the decision was taken by their Investment Committee, under responsibilities devolved by the Trustees. They are officially going ahead, and the Trustees are to review their entire investment policy.)

We’re very excited to see them taking the moral leadership on this vital issue and we want to congratulate them. Read more