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The Paris Agreement – what does it really mean?

The Paris Agreement, presented to the world in December last year, caught many people by surprise. In the aftermath of the UN conference the contribution from faith communities and the Church in the run-up to COP 21 has been roundly praised. But what does the agreement really mean and what level of change is needed to keep the world below the 1.5 deg C threshold? Read more




COP21 – We must, we can, we will.

If you woke on Sunday morning wondering if the previous night’s announcement in Paris was a dream, it’s OK – it wasn’t. But after years when the main concern after the December COP was to try and find something, anything, even vaguely positive to say you’d be excused for thinking it might have been.

To get just shy of 200 countries to agree to anything at all is remarkable. To get agreement on a 2°C target, with the aspiration to limit average warming to 1.5° is, frankly, stunning.

It is a testament to the extraordinary efforts of Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and her team. Read more




Exxon, VW & UK Gov’t accused of misleading public

What do ExxonMobil, VW and the UK Government have in common? Each stands accused of deliberately misleading the public and in the case of Exxon and the UK Government, of misleading Congress and Parliament about climate change science, and the true implications of recent changes to UK energy policy. Read more




Famine in Malawi – why climate change is a problem right now

Extreme weather events in the UK and further afield frequently make the news. Though no single event can be solely attributed to the changes in the climate system from fossil fuel pollution, we know that the frequency and intensity of these is likely to increase in the future as the planet warms.

But as Rev Richard Tucker, Malawi Partnership Officer for the Church of England explains, the altered climate is leading to significant changes to things such as the predictability and definition of the seasons in countries like Malawi. And these are occurring today. Read more




Assets come home. Has the financial sector accepted the reality of ‘stranded assets’?

Mark Carney Stranded Assets

“Stranded assets” and the risks to the fossil fuel sector from concerted efforts to address climate change have been widely discussed amongst those campaigning for divestment, and largely dismissed by the financial sector – until now. Read more




“Well-meaning but somewhat naïve”? Bishop David Atkinson responds to the GWPF on ‘Laudato Si’.

As David Atkinson, former Bishop of Thetford and former Trustee of Operation Noah says, it is not often that two members of the House of Lords suggest that the Pope is ‘well-meaning but somewhat naïve’. However, in their recent briefing paper Bernard Donoughue and Peter Forster, of the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) do just that.

Read more