Find out more about the global movement to fossil fuel divestment, why the church needs to divest, and the tools to help you campaign for change on fossil fuel investment.

Campaign Reports

Bright Now Report (Updated Jan 2015) (PDF) – the campaign report sets out the moral, theological, scientific, financial and practical case for churches to divest from fossil fuel companies, and examines why they must actively seek to support clean, alternative forms of energy generation through their investment portfolios.

The ethics of divestment

Is it ethical to invest in fossil fuels? A summary of reflections from Christian theologians, scientists and environmentalists (PDF) – this paper explores how Church investors can respond ethically to the growing threat of catastrophic climate change, gathering together reflections from Christians of different denominational backgrounds and regions around the world.

Is it ethical for the Church to invest in fossil fuels? A collection of reflections from Christian theologians, scientists and environmentalists (PDF) – in this longer paper, theologians, scientists and environmentalists explore in greater depth, as a series of short essays, the ethics of Church investments in fossil fuels.

Reflective paper on the ethics of fossil fuels – Bishop David Atkinson asks how the Church of England should decide whether investments in fossil fuels are ethical.

Financial resources

The financial case for disinvesting from fossil fuels and reinvesting in low-carbon sectors (PDF) – this report expands on the financial issues related to fossil fuel investment and explores opportunities for reinvesting in renewables and other low-carbon sectors.

Shareholder engagement

Otherwise Engaged – this report examines whether church engagement with fossil fuel companies is working, or if it’s time for churches to divest

Campaign tools

Divest your church (PDF) – a how to guide for local churches on divestment from fossil fuels and reinvestment for a brighter future. Printed copies can be requested.

Newsletter article (PDF) and Word version – an article suitable for church publications, introducing the disinvestment campaign.

Building support for disinvestment – useful ideas on how to raise awareness and build support to encourage action in your church community and local area.

Methodist guidance (PDF) – a guide to raising the issue of fossil fuel divestment in the Methodist Church.

Church of England guidance (PDF) – a guide to raising the issue of fossil fuel divestment in the Church of England.

Climate science briefing for Christians (PDF) – an outline of the basic science of human-induced climate change drawing upon up-to-date research, biblical references and reflections from a Christian perspective.

Power Point Presentation – useful slides to introduce climate change and the fossil fuel divestment movement to help when giving a talk at a meeting or event.

Hard-copy of the petition to the Church of England (PDF) Download this petition to take to events or meetings in your church community.

Role play – a thought-provoking role play for use with groups.

Bible study – biblical texts and teachings relevant to divestment.

Church investments

The Church of England, Investments and Fossil Fuels – Bishop David Atkinson responds to the Church of England’s new policy on climate change, exploring a wider theological perspective on the climate crisis

Response to the Methodist report ‘Fossil Fuels and the Future’ – giving five reasons why the Methodist Church needs to go further, move faster and be more radical.

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Other campaigns on divestment

Church investment information

Church statements on climate change

Church case studies

Scientific resources

Finance and investment resources