Writing to the Methodist Church

The Methodist Church’s investment policy on fossil fuels was discussed at this year’s Methodist Conference (26 June – 3 July). The Joint Advisory Committee on Ethical Investment (JACEI) report Fossil Fuels and the Future can be found here.  Operation Noah has prepared this briefing that gives five reasons why the Methodist Church needs to go further, move faster and be more radical.

We are encouraging Methodist supporters to write directly to JACEI to ask the Methodist Church to disinvest from fossil fuel companies. A template letter is available here that can be adapted.

In summary, JACEI’s current position advocates active and critical engagement with companies in order to improve their environmental performance and encourage them to reduce carbon emissions. The Bright Now campaign believes that for fossil fuel companies this is no longer an effective strategy and time has run out. The major fossil fuel companies continue to invest billions of dollars each year on finding and developing new coal, oil and gas reserves.

The disinvestment movement aims to stigmatise these companies and sends a powerful message to governments, investors, share-holders and the general public that continuing to invest in activities that are driving the climate crisis and which undermine the future of the planet is morally and financially unacceptable.

Please address your letter to: Rev John Howard, Chair of JACEI, c/o Methodist Church House, 25 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5JR or email to: hucklesbys@methodistchurch.org.uk