Get involved

Join us on the journey towards church divestment in the UK.

We know that asking the churches to divest from fossil fuels might seem a big ask. This will take time and there will be many stages on the way but together we can do it!

What you can do now

  • Become a Bright Now Champion and take action for divestment nationally, in your local Diocese/District/Synod or with others in your local church
  • Read the Bright Now report – become informed and prepared to influence others.
  • Sign and share the national petition to:

Church of England

Methodist Church in Britain

Church in Wales

Church of Scotland

  • Donate to the campaign.
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and share updates with your friends. Use the hashtag #fossilfreechurches

What you can do next

  • Start a conversation
    Think about raising awareness of the issues with other people in your church and community who might not be thinking about this yet. We have some tools to help you get started here, for example, writing an article, giving a presentation, screening a film, talking to church leaders, worship and prayer.
  • Take part in a letter-writing campaign to Church Commissioners in the Church of England or the Methodist Church in Britain
  • Do something practical
    Raise a motion calling for divestment through your regional or national Church denomination governing structures.
    Guidance is available on how to do this in the Church of England and in the Methodist Church, which can be modified for use with other denominations.
  • Pray
    Our campaign is different from many others in the movement: it’s rooted in our faith. Prayer support is vital to keep us rooted.