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Get involved in Global Divestment Day 13 – 14 February!

On 13 and 14 February thousands of people from across the world will take action to call on institutions and individuals to move their money away from fossil fuels as part of the first ever Global Divestment Day. Already the World Council of Churches, Quakers in Britain, the Church of Sweden and over 40 other Churches and faith communities have committed to disinvest. It’s time for UK Churches to join them by breaking their ties with fossil fuel companies and using their resources to support a clean and sustainable future. Let’s call on the Churches to take action on Global Divestment Day!

How can you get involved?

Send us your messages for a Valentine’s Day card to the Church of England and Methodist Church

On Wednesday 11 February – as the Church of England meets for its General Synod – we will deliver a giant Valentine’s Day card to the Church of England and Methodist Church, asking them to show their love for God’s Creation by breaking up with the fossil fuel industry. We will be making a collective card to share your messages about the things you love that are threatened by climate change, and why you believe UK Churches should disinvest. Here are a couple of the messages we’ve received so far! Read more




Christian activists perform Fossil Free Nativity outside Methodist Central Hall

Campaigners from Christian Climate Action and Divest London gathered outside Methodist Central Hall in central London on Saturday 6th December to perform a ‘Fossil Free Nativity’ and call on the Methodist Church and the Church of England to disinvest from fossil fuels.

Participants dressed up as wise men, shepherds, angels and characters from the Nativity to perform a re-telling of the Christmas story, which also included new figures such as BP, Shell and climate scientists.

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New Divestment Campaign Hits Big Five Banks

Charlotte Webster writes on Move Your Money’s ‘Divest!’ campaign, which calls for banks to stop funding fossil fuels and climate change.

Fossil fuel investment has never been environmentally acceptable. It is now no longer socially acceptable. It is fast becoming economically unacceptable too.

The divestment movement is spreading across the globe with investment groups like the Rockefeller Brothers recently joining religious groups, foundations, universities, councils and cities all committing to move billions of pounds out of fossil fuels. This month the University of Glasgow pledged to divest £18 million, joining the British Medical Association, Oxford City Council and the UK’s Quakers in moving away from fossil fuels.

In October this year, Move Your Money launched a new campaign calling for banks to stop funding fossil fuels and climate change. ‘Divest!’ comes amid growing public concern about climate change and fossil fuel investments.

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General Synod to debate the climate!

Great News: climate change is on the agenda at the Church of England General Synod on 12th February.

The purpose of the debate is to challenge the Church to take urgent action on climate change in all areas, including political pressure, disinvestment / reinvestment, adaptation, consumption, poverty and international development. This is the first step in encouraging the Church of England to engage more fully in tackling climate change and the hope is that it will lead to further debates, specifically concerning fossil fuel disinvestment. Read more




Church of England produces biased survey on fossil fuel disinvestment

Operation Noah reflects on biased EIAG survey

The Church of England’s Ethical Investment Advisory Group (EIAG) is reviewing its policy advice on climate change for the Church’s national investing bodies. As part of the process it has produced a survey asking if, and how, the Church of England should reduce the carbon emissions of its investments, and in particular whether the Church should disinvest from fossil fuels.

In principle Operation Noah welcomes EIAG consulting on the policy review; however we find this survey is biased and ill-informed, containing both leading questions and false choices. It suggests that EIAG  has a clear agenda against fossil fuel disinvestment, and makes it difficult for stakeholders to  express their views effectively.

We recommend that those considering completing the survey read these reflections first, and then send their comments to EIAG (see below for details). Read more