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Join the Season of Creation: 1 September to 4 October 2017

Today marks the launch of Season of Creation (or Creation Time), when Christians around the world will be praying and caring for creation. Over the coming weeks, Season of Creation will provide an opportunity to celebrate creation and contemplate our role in protecting it. Read more




Global Divestment Mobilisation is coming soon!

This May, people all over the world will be taking action calling on our institutions to divest from fossil fuels and reinvest in a brighter, cleaner future.

Global Divestment Mobilisation, taking place 5-13 May, is your opportunity to join with thousands of others to highlight the climate impacts of churches, universities, local government and pension funds investing in fossil fuels and demand that they do the right thing: divest! Read more




UK – climate leader or laggard? A chance to question Amber Rudd – UK Energy Secretary

If you’ve been wondering how the Chancellor’s decision to:

  • Halve and then abandon  the ‘zero carbon’ homes standard,
  • Cut support for energy efficiency measures, and bar Local Authorities from setting higher energy efficiency standards for new homes,
  • Reduce funding for energy efficiency measures in fuel-poor households,
  • End support for on-shore wind,
  • Cut support for solar PV by up to 87%,
  • End support for community energy, and without notice remove tax relief for investors in community energy,
  • Impose a carbon pollution tax on renewable energy,
  • Change the tax incentive for low carbon vehicles, and
  • End support to pilot carbon capture and storage technologies….

… is compatible with the UK pushing for a strong global deal in Paris and with the Government’s legal commitments both under the 2008 Climate Change Act and to the EU on renewable energy, then you can put your questions directly to ministers this week via Twitter.

Despite a slew of recent policy announcements officially the Government is pressing for an ambitious deal in Paris

Despite the slew of policy announcements since the General Election the Government maintains it wants an ambitious deal in Paris.

As part of a week-long #BackClimateAction tweetathons the Department of Energy and Climate Change wants your questions.

Simply tweet at @DECCgovuk using #BackClimateAction, in advance or live at the times below.

Energy minister Lord Bourne will be taking questions on climate change and innovation on Wednesday 2nd December between 1430 – 1530.

Energy Secretary Amber Rudd will be taking questions on COP summit in Paris and the UK’s commitment on climate change, Thursday 3rd December between 1300 – 1400.

A rare chance to tell ministers what you think.


Exxon, VW and UK Government accused of misleading public. Click here.




Urge your Church of England and Methodist Church representatives to support disinvestment this summer!

In June and July this year, the Church of England General Synod and Methodist Conference will debate fossil fuel investments. You can strengthen this debate and encourage the Churches to make progress towards disinvestment by asking your representatives to vote and speak in favour of disinvestment.

You can also support the campaign by praying, on Thursday 2nd July (Methodist debate) and Monday 13th July (Church of England debate), for those speaking in the debates and for a positive outcome.

Church of England

Over the last year, the Dioceses of Oxford and Birmingham have passed resolutions urging the Church to disinvest. In response to these and other calls from local churches, the Church recently published a new policy on climate change. This includes disinvestment of £12 million from coal and tar sands, but also states that the Church will continue to engage with, and invest in, other fossil fuel companies. On 13th July, General Synod will debate this policy. They will also vote on an amendment asking the Church to strengthen this policy by making further progress towards disinvestment. You can support disinvestment by asking your General Synod representatives to vote and speak in favour of this amendment.

Please also invite your Synod members to come along to our fringe event on Sunday 12 July from 1 – 2.15pm, where we’ll explore the case for disinvestment from fossil fuels. Download the flyer here – Fossil Fuels – Is there a case for disinvestment. Read more




BREAKING: Christian campaigners drop banner during Synod to urge Church to divest from fossil fuels

Yesterday a group of young campaigners protested against Church investments in fossil fuels at Church House, London during the General Synod. The group, including members from Christian Climate Action (CCA), dropped a protest banner from the public gallery and held a prayer rally outside Church House demanding the Church pull its investments from fossil fuel companies such as BP and Shell.

Holly Peterson, from CCA said: ‘Fossil fuel companies cannot continue with ‘business as usual’ if the world is to avoid catastrophic climate change.

‘If the Church believes in ethical investment and cares about the impacts of climate change on people and planet then why do they still invest in fossil fuels? They are not practising what they preach.

‘We are calling on the Church of England to show courageous leadership and take action now by moving their investments. This is the only way to send a clear message that the continued extraction of fossil fuels is no longer morally acceptable’.

Read more




Happy Valentine’s Day, Churches! Show the love for creation by dumping fossil fuel investments this year!

This morning, together with Christian Climate Action, we delivered two giant Valentine’s Day cards to the Church of England and Methodist Church, asking the Churches to break up with fossil fuels in 2015 to show their love for creation.

This is the first of a number of actions calling on the Church to divest that are taking place around Global Divestment Day this week.

The cards were filled with messages from Christians asking the Churches to disinvest for the love of all the things they care about that are threatened by climate change. Many people asked the Church to ‘invest in the future and not the past; the Kingdom of God and not the fossil fuel industry’, and urged Church investors to fulfil their ‘moral and ethical duty to lead the way in forging a new economy’. Others spoke of their family and friends: ‘disinvest for the love of my two-year-old grandson who loves creation and will grow up in a world which is unrecognisable from today’.

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