About the campaign

Who we are

Bright Now is a campaign run by Operation Noah, an ecumenical Christian charity providing leadership, focus and inspiration in response to the growing threat of catastrophic climate change. We are part of a growing global movement calling for disinvestment from fossil fuels (also known as divestment), but have chosen to focus specifically on churches in the UK. We work closely with like-minded organisations, and are proud to be a partner for the Fossil Free Tour which took place in October and November 2013.

What do we want?

We are calling on the Churches and the Christian community in the UK to:

  • disinvest from companies involved in the extraction of fossil fuels
  • take a leading and influential role in the national debate on the ethics of investment in fossil fuels
  • support the development of clean alternatives to fossil fuels through their investment policies.

Why are we asking for this?

Fossil fuel companies cannot continue with ‘business as usual’ if the world is to avoid catastrophic climate change.

The institutional Churches say they believe in ethical investment. They also say that they care about climate change. But they are still investing in fossil fuels.

There is a huge gap between the stated policy of all the major denominations – and what they are actually doing in practice. We are calling on them to close that gap.

By moving their investments, Churches would demonstrate the leadership that is largely missing from our political leaders. They would offer hope by showing that radical action can be taken. And they would send a signal that the continued extraction of fossil fuels is no longer morally acceptable.

Why ‘Bright Now’?

We believe that tackling climate change isn’t just about what is wrong but also about what is right.

Our vision is for an alternative future that is not dependent on fossil fuels, a future based on solutions not problems. We believe that a fossil free future is a brighter future.

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